Microsoft Build 2018 sessions video recap

We had a great Microsoft Build this year with seven sessions – but if you were not able to attend in person all of our sessions are posted online to watch on-demand.

Automating with Microsoft Flow

Use Microsoft Flow to easily add business process automation and approval processes to your solutions. You'll learn to build Flows with a few simple clicks and extend your learnings to more advanced techniques and expressions used to build complex workflows. Finally discover how you can take it up to Azure Logic Apps when it makes sense.

Build a Workflow in 10 minutes

In this short demo you'll see how you can quickly build an intelligent flow from scratch that uses Cognitive Services.

ALM via Microsoft Flow & PowerShell

Learn approaches and best practices from real apps built with PowerApps. Learn how to managing apps in large organizations using PowerShell and Microsoft Flow.

Accelerate your SaaS App development using the power of the Business Application Platform

Join this session to learn how the Business Application Platform can accelerate the time to market for your next Line of Business SaaS app. Through the lens of an ISV/software developer, we will walk you through the entire application development process showcasing what it takes to build a new, composite app from the ground up using out of the box no-code/no-code tooling, to extending with custom code and connectors through to packaging and publishing to AppSource allowing you to reach 120M+ monthly active users. During this session we will also touch upon the value of the Common Data Service for Apps as it applies specifically to you as an ISV, how you can extend and contribute to the ISV ecosystem flywheel and greatly reduce both cost and time to market for new SaaS apps.

Build and extend applications for Office 365 with PowerApps and Flow

Come discover the capabilities of PowerApps and Flow as the unified high productivity application development and workflow platform across Office 365 and Dynamics 365. As the successor to InfoPath and Access Web Apps, PowerApps enables users to build both simple forms to advanced, feature-rich apps, while Flow as the successor to SharePoint Designer Workflow, enables users to build automated workflows for a range of scenarios from notifications to approvals. In this session, we'll cover integrations with SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Graph, Excel, and more. Start extending and building apps and workflows for Office 365 and Dynamics 365 today!

Developing custom connectors for Microsoft Flow and PowerApps

PowerApps already provides over 200 connectors -to Microsoft as well as to 3d party services- for app makers to use and combine into their apps. Learn how you can build custom connectors and make them available to app makers around the world.

Streamline business processes with Flow and Office 365

Microsoft Flow provides a growing and flexible framework for connecting different systems together to achieve tasks ranging from the simple (notifications and approvals) to the complex. You can also extend Flow with custom services, including Azure Functions. In this session, see how you can use both the powerful set of Flow capabilities in Office 365, and build custom service integrations as well.