ArcGIS, Meisterplan and Microsoft Translator among 60+ new connectors, 50+ connector updates launched to accelerate value from low code

Power Platform is excited to announce over 60 new connector releases for Ignite 2023, along with more than 50 updates to the existing connectors. These connectors are available in Power Automate, Power Apps, and Azure Logic Apps & cover the breadth & depth of solutions and tools for IT Operations, AI, Business Intelligence, Productivity and much more. Power Platform has an existing fleet of 1000+ connectors in the catalog to help creators and learners of all ages and backgrounds connect with the tools and information they need to build a more intuitive & productive solutions.

We are extremely honored to have a great partnership with all our Partners, and we look forward to partnering with many more Enterprises & community developers for providing wonderful solutions in the future.

New Connectors released by Verified Publishers include:

Interested in submitting your connector? Visit our documentation and our GitHub repository to learn how to get started.

  1. 3E Events
  2. DocuMotor
  3. Dokobit Universal API
  4. Microsoft Translator V3
  5. The IT Tipster
  6. HTML to PDF by Pascalcase
  7. Monday
  8. Eden AI
  9. ServiceDesk Plus Cloud
  10. ReversingLabs A1000
  11. Azure Text to speech
  12. StarRez REST v1
  13. iManage Insight Plus
  14. Adobe Acrobat Sign Government
  15. Peakboard
  16. Calendly
  17. Adobe Acrobat Sign Sandbox
  18. BlueInk
  19. D7Messaging
  20. Event Tickets
  21. Tesseron Asset
  22. The Events Calendar
  23. Navisphere
  24. Microsoft Teams Virtual Events

Below are the major releases for you in Ignite 2023:

1Me Corporate

1Me is your next-gen digital contact card. It provides the easiest & fastest way to share your contact information with anyone worldwide. 1-QR Code or 1-Tap is all what you need to share your contacts information.

1Me Corporate Edition, you will be able to manage your entire company’s contact cards, empowered by many powerful tools, such as digital card branding and administration corporate contracts.

Visit to learn more about 1Me.

Now with Power Automate adapter integration, onboarding your team is now a seamless experience, where you will be able to build automation processes that send onboarding invitations automatically to your team members.

Ramy Mostafa, CEO

Visit the 1Me Corporate connector documentation to learn more.

3E Events

3E is Elite Technology’s market leading law firm management, productivity, and financial solution. With the recent availability of the 3E Events Connector Configuration capability, 3E Cloud customers now have the ability to develop event-based integrations using Microsoft Power Platform. This new integration development option combines 3E APIs and 3E Events Hub, in conjunction with the Power Platform 3E Events connector. This combination enables customers to extend 3E’s capabilities using Microsoft’s low code/no code Power Platform to create more interactive, immersive, responsive integrated solutions.

Visit 3E Events connector documentation to learn more.


The DocuMotor connector allows you to convert data from any system into professional Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, or accessible PDFs (PDF/UA). Simplify your document creation process with our intuitive yet flexible document automation platform tailored for businesses and the documents that matter.

With DocuMotor, you can effortlessly generate on-brand and compliant documents, saving valuable time and ensuring consistency across your organization. Experience seamless integration and unleash the full potential of document automation for your business.

Easily insert and preview text, conditional sections, images, charts, and tables all within our browser-based template builder. Once you are satisfied, go live with a single click.

Learn more about our user-friendly platform and its capabilities in our documentation.

Visit the DocuMotor connector documentation to learn more.

Dokobit Universal API

Dokobit Universal API is a versatile tool that enables signing documents internally, within your system, and collecting signatures from 3rd parties, outside your system. Document signing occurs in an accountless Dokobit signing (where invited participants can sign documents without registering on the Dokobit portal) interface with your organisation’s branding. Actions also include access to an eIDAS-certified service for qualified e-signature and e-seal validation.

Visit the Dokobit Universal API documentation to learn more.

Microsoft Translator V3

The Microsoft Translator V3 connector now allows you to translate documents and text. Using this connector, you can create automated workflows to translate single/multiple documents that are stored in SharePoint, OneDrive, local folder, or any other storage location. You can also create automated workflows to translate text from any source such as incoming emails via Outlook provider. This connector leverages Azure AI Translator which supports 125+ languages. For more details, check out the following resources:

Visit the Microsoft Translator V3 connector documentation to learn more.

The IT Tipster

IT Tipster connector allows the end user to generate code128 barcodes and QR codes by passing in a simple text string to the connector. The barcode and QR code are returned to the user in base64 format.

For more information head over to and here.

For the person to attribute the connector please use Shane Cosgrove, Solution Architect

Visit the The IT Tipster connector documentation to learn more.

HTML to PDF by Pascalcase

The “HTML to PDF by Pascalcase” connector allows transformation of HTML files into high-quality PDF documents. It allows conversion of web pages, reports, or other HTML content to PDF documents. The connector has the ability to handle heavy-duty PDF generation without any size limitations making it perfect for both small-scale and large-scale projects.

Visit HTML To PDF Converter Help Document for more details.

Visit the HTML to PDF by Pascalcase connector documentation to learn more. 


The monday connector seamlessly integrates Power Automate with Create monday items, notifications, subitems, boards, groups, updates and more. Trigger Power Automate flows based on a variety of monday events, such as when an item is created or updated.

Get started by installing the Microsoft Power Automate app in the marketplace.

Visit monday connector documentation to learn more.

Eden AI

Eden AI makes AI accessible to everyone by providing a unique API connected to the best engines for more than 50 AI technologies.

With the Eden AI connector for Power Automate, you can integrate advanced AI features such as natural language processing, image recognition, document parsing, audio processing, generative AI, and more. Eden AI allows you to enhance your apps and workflows with all the best AI engines (more than 30 different AI providers).

Visit the Eden AI connector documentation to learn more. 

ServiceDesk Plus Cloud (

ServiceDesk Plus is the unified service management platform from ManageEngine (a division of Zoho Corporation). ServiceDesk Plus offers a short runway to value with its out-of-the-box industry best practices and helps tackle complex service scenarios with its no-code visual automation.

Packed with contextual integrations with both IT and business apps, ServiceDesk Plus connector is now available in the Power Automate platform. IT admins can now include ServiceDesk Plus in their Power Automate workflows, to more efficiently manage their requests, and changes.

Visit ServiceDesk Help Document to learn more.

Visit the ServiceDesk Plus Cloud documentation to learn more.

ReversingLabs A1000

The ReversingLabs A1000 connector enables Microsoft Azure users to add advanced threat hunting and malware analysis capabilities to their toolbox. Based on the TitaniumCore static analysis engine, security teams using the A1000 can gain rich context and threat classifications across thousands of file types based on a comprehensive history of goodware and malware. Additionally, security teams can also utilize YARA rule matching for further file-based threat detection.

For more information on the ReversingLabs A1000 platform, see the following: ReversingLabs

Visit the ReversingLabs A1000 connector documentation to learn more.

Azure Text to speech

Azure AI Text-to-Speech allows you to build apps and services that speak naturally with more than 400 voices across 140 languages and dialects.

Visit the Azure Text to speech connector documentation to learn more.

StarRez REST v1

The StarRez resident and property management platform is the perfect tool to help your community thrive. With the StarRez REST API, you can automate regular tasks, import and export data and streamline your business processes.

Visit the StarRez REST v1 connector documentation to learn more.


The Blueink connector allows you to incorporate Blueink’s eSignature platform into your automated workflows. The connector allows you to send documents for eSignature, store signed documents, and check the status of your signature requests. Streamline your document management processes by adding Blueink to your existing workflows.

Learn more about Blueink at

Visit the BlueInk connector documentation to learn more.


Direct7 Networks offers a messaging API platform that enables you to establish global connections with your customers. Now, streamlining your Microsoft workflows is more convenient with the D7 messaging connector. Easily dispatch verification messages using the D7 Verifier and gain insights into phone numbers through the D7 Number Look-Up.

Additionally, this connector is highly efficient for sending SMS, OTP SMS, and Viber messages to your customer base. The integration process is straightforward, making it easier to engage with your customers for messaging and verification needs.

For further information, please visit D7Messaging

Visit the D7Messaging connector documentation to learn more.

Updates released for Connectors by Verified Publishers include:

  1. AADInvitationManager
  2. Adobe Acrobat Sign
  3. Centrical
  4. Encodian
  5. Microsoft Bookings
  6. Snowflake
  7. Talkdesk
  8. The Bot Platform
  9. Zoho Sign Team Forms
  10. Yeeflow
  11. ReversingLabs TitaniumCloud
  12. RegexFlow ExecutePython
  13. ArcGIS
  14. Encodian
  15. Survey123
  16. LCP – iCordis
  17. SmartCOMM DocGen
  18. Bitskout
  19. ModuleQ
  20. Seismic Library
  21. AvePoint Cloud Governance
  22. Apptigent PowerTools PRO
  23. allGeo
  24. Adobe PDF Services
  25. CobbleStone – Contract Insight
  26. Vocean
  27. Jupyrest
  28. Blackbaud SKY Add-ins
  29. Advanced Data Operations
  30. FactSet
  31. U.S. Bank Treasury Management
  32. Maximizer
  33. DocuSign Demo
  34. Dokobit Portal
  35. Meisterplan
  36. Power Textor
  37. Converter by Power2Apps
  38. SMSAPI
  39. CivicPlus Transform
  40. OneBlink
  41. iManage Work for Admins
  42. DocuSign
  43. Data Activator Early Access
  44. InEight
  45. Tesseron Invoice
  46. Plumsail HelpDesk
  47. ArcGIS
  48. ArcGIS Enterprise
  49. GMO Sign
  50. OpenText Extended ECM
  51. OpenText eDOCS
  52. OpenText Core Share
  53. Plumsail HelpDesk
  54. ArcGIS
  55. ArcGIS Enterprise
  56. GMO Sign
  57. OpenText Extended ECM
  58. OpenText eDOCS
  59. OpenText Core Share

Below are few of the most significant updates.

Microsoft Bookings

With this change, customers can select a booking page from the drop-down menu instead of entering the SMTP address for creating a Bookings trigger. We have also powered the connector with newer APIs for the experience to be better. If you run into any connection related issues, please delete and recreate Bookings connection from Data->Connections tab as we have updated our APIs as well for this new change.

Visit the Microsoft Bookings connector documentation to learn more.


Build low-code data applications in just a few clicks with Microsoft Power Platform and Snowflake. The Snowflake Connector for Microsoft Power Platform provides instant access to up-to-date data within your Snowflake environment without manually integrating against API endpoints. Now anyone can easily build low-code applications or workflows on Power Platform that leverage Snowflake data without any previous technical or app development experience.

The Snowflake Connector for Power Platform provides a wide range of benefits:

  • Seamless data connectivity: You can easily connect to your Snowflake account from within the Power Apps environment.
  • Advanced analytics:  Snowflake’s advanced analytics capabilities allow you to extract deeper insights from your data, including predictive analytics, machine learning, and data science workflows.
  • Automation capabilities: Automate processes, trigger workflows, stay informed about data updates, and execute actions based on events in Snowflake.
  • Secure data access: The Snowflake Connector for Power Platform provides secure data access, helping to protect from unauthorized access.

Get the Snowflake Connector for Microsoft Power Platform by installing it from the Power Platform Connectors listing. Explore our detailed Snowflake Quickstart guide or read the documentation and start building your data applications today.

Zoho Sign

The Zoho Sign platform enables organizations to digitally sign, send, and manage business paperwork from anywhere. This connector allows you to set up automated workflows to collect signatures on documents from your everyday apps and business tools such as CRM, HRMS, cloud storage, and other communication and collaboration platforms.  With this update, you’ll be able to connect your apps to the Zoho Sign service across all of our regional datacenters to initiate workflows for signing and processing document data within geographical boundaries that are best suited to your business operations.

Visit the Zoho Sign connector documentation to learn more.

Team Forms (

Teams Forms brings digital forms into Microsoft Teams and empowers your teams to build and deliver forms from within the productivity tools they already know and trust. Unlike many other forms solutions on the market, Team Forms works offline and communicates directly with your Teams SharePoint, ensuring that data captured by forms remains under your control and never leaves your trusted Microsoft 365 environment.

You can use the Team Forms connector to trigger automated workflows, access response fields, attachments, and generated PDFs.

Visit the Team Forms connector documentation to learn more.


The Yeeflow connector bridges the gap between Yeeflow and Microsoft Power Automate, offering users an intuitive way to trigger workflows when data is added or updated in Yeeflow Data Lists. By eliminating the need for manual interventions, businesses can now automate their operations and ensure smooth data flow across platforms.

With the Yeeflow connector, Microsoft 365 users can seamlessly integrate Yeeflow with Microsoft Products and Third-party systems without writing a single line of code. This powerful integration empowers organizations to streamline their business processes and enhance collaboration effortlessly.

Highlights of the Yeeflow Connector:

  • Effortless Integration: Microsoft 365 users can integrate Yeeflow with their existing Microsoft Products and Third-party systems seamlessly, simplifying the management of business processes.
  • Code-Free Automation: With the Yeeflow connector, you don’t need to write any code. The user-friendly interface allows you to set up and customize workflows quickly, saving valuable time and resources.
  • Streamlined Collaboration: Collaborate effortlessly between Yeeflow and Microsoft Power Automate users, enhancing cross-platform communication and optimizing productivity.

Visit the Yeeflow connector documentation to learn more.

RegexFlow ExecutePython

RegexFlow’s ExecutePython service allows users to execute Python scripts remotely.  All standard Python libraries are supported along with  openpyxl and pillow.  Additional libraries can be added by request.  The ExecutePython connector for Power Automate allows users to easily extend their Flows’ functionality with the flexibility of the Python programming language.

Visit the RegexFlow ExecutePython connector to learn more.

ArcGIS Survey123

ArcGIS Survey123 is a powerful solution for creating smart forms and surveys that accelerate data collection on web and mobile devices. Benefit from dynamic form builders that make designing simple to complex, engaging forms enriched with location data easy. Visualize and analyze survey results with a geographic lens to better understand where and why things occur. Share data to other critical business apps and services staff uses daily with the Survey123 Power Platform Connector. Provide instant access to real-time information to better support decision-making and improve business processes.

Visit the Survey123 connector documentation to learn more.


Vocean, where co-creation meets next-level innovation, offers a powerful platform for open innovation and idea generation. Vocean enables effortless collaboration and use of the collective intelligence to drive innovation and achieve your organization’s full potential, further increased by the seamless Teams integration. With Vocean Copilot, our advanced AI-powered assistant, ideas can be refined, hidden patterns uncovered, and valuable suggestions for improvements revealed – leading to groundbreaking solutions. The Vocean connector for Power Automate empowers seamless connectivity between the Vocean platform and other apps, further enhancing the innovation process.

Visit the Vocean connector documentation to learn more.


Meisterplan is a portfolio-level resource management tool that helps portfolio and resource managers manage people across teams and initiatives whether your work is traditional, agile or hybrid.

With the update to the Microsoft Power Automate Connector for Meisterplan, you can now read and update data of Financial Actuals. Additionally, we have added actions to read Meisterplan user data.

Visit the Meisterplan connector documentation to learn more. 

Power Textor

Power Textor is the ultimate game-changer for businesses looking to elevate their SMS game within Power Automate. The powerful SaaS tool helps businesses integrate SMS functionality to trigger flows relating to sending SMS and MMS to customers and receiving push notifications when a text message is received. This enables businesses engage with their audience through one-to-one conversation, tapping into the heart of their customer base.

Power Textor supports various text messaging options, including on-demand SMS, scheduled SMS, event reminders, and Google Review requests. All of it helps businesses build long-term brand loyalty with their customers.

Power Textor connector is currently available in the USA, Sweden, UK, and Canada and can be integrated with Power Automate, Logic Apps, and Power Apps to automate messaging.

Visit the Power Textor connector documentation to learn more.

Converter by Power2Apps

The Converter by Power2Apps allows you to easily convert common data formats to others (JSON to CSV, CSV to XLSX, File to PDF and many more). The focus here is on user-friendliness, in which the data structure is automatically detected.

In addition to better integration with Power Apps, many new actions have been added. These new actions cover 4 topics:

  • Image conversions (Format conversions, Rotation, Compress).
  • QR and barcodes (Create/read)
  • PDF editing ((Un)-Protect, Merge, get Metadata)
  • Add content to DOCX (Images, Text and Tables)

Visit the Converter by Power2Apps connector to learn more.


SMSAPI is a global professional SMS provider and a part of the mobile industry-leading LINK Mobility Group. We excel at providing easy and powerful SMS gateway, API, ready-to-use integrations, and Microsoft Power-Up has become one of them. This connector enables adding SMS as a channel to your Microsoft workflows. It automates sending messages like SMS reminders, marketing, notifications, and one-time passwords.

To use the official SMSAPI Connector, register first at Create a free test account, and we will add extra points to kickstart your journey with SMS communications.

Visit the SMSAPI connector documentation to learn more.

Data Activator Early Access

Data Activator is a no-code experience in Microsoft Fabric for automatically taking actions when patterns or conditions are detected in changing data. It monitors data in Power BI reports and EventStreams items, for when the data hits certain thresholds or matches other patterns. It then automatically takes appropriate action such as alerting users.

Using the Data Activator Power Automate connector, you can generate actions in external systems when your Data Activator triggers activate. This can be useful for sending notifications, creating action items in ticketing systems, or calling line-of-business apps from within Data Activator.

Click here to learn more about Data Activator.

(** Please note that Data Activator is currently in private preview, so you will need to be signed up for the private preview in order to use the Data Activator Power Automate connector.)

Visit the Data Activator Early Access connector documentation to learn more.


“Allowing for the seamless exchange of data between your existing back-office applications and InEight’s integrated project controls platform, InEight Connector brings proven project certainty to your business without all the hassle. Eliminating manual data entry and providing robust real-time analytics across your applications, the connector gets you one step closer to realizing complete project visibility and confidence. With over $1 trillion worth of construction projects around the world relying on InEight’s integrated project controls, you have full confidence in InEight on your projects. “

Author: Catie Williams, Vice President Product

Visit the InEight connector documentation to learn more.

Plumsail HelpDesk

Plumsail HelpDesk helps you to turn your SharePoint site into an efficient and user-friendly HelpDesk. In this update, we have added a new region. Now you can select a region while installing HelpDesk. It allows you to achieve better compliance with regional and industrial regulations.

Visit Plumsail HelpDesk to learn more.


ArcGIS connects your automated workflows to resources from your ArcGIS organization. Access geoenrichment, geocoding, and routing services to add demographics and location information to your data. You can also use the ArcGIS connector to create feature layers and fetch data from existing feature layers in your ArcGIS organization. The ArcGIS connector works seamlessly with all the connectors in the Power Automate library. Further, it enables you to create automated flows leveraging triggers and webhooks based on record or attachment changes in your feature layer. The ArcGIS connector helps you easily maintain records and attachments through CRUD-based actions (insert, update, delete) in near real-time allowing you to fetch changes when you need them most.

Visit ArcGIS to learn more.

ArcGIS Enterprise

ArcGIS Enterprise connects your automated workflows to resources from your ArcGIS organization. Access geoenrichment, geocoding, and routing services to add demographics and location information to your data. You can also use the ArcGIS Enterprise connector to create feature layers and fetch data from existing feature layers in your ArcGIS organization. The ArcGIS Enterprise connector works seamlessly with all the connectors in the Power Automate library. Further, it enables you to create automated flows leveraging triggers and webhooks based on record or attachment changes in your feature layer (currently in Preview). The ArcGIS Enterprise connector helps you easily maintain records and attachments through CRUD-based actions (insert, update, delete) in near real-time allowing you to fetch changes when you need them most.

Visit ArcGIS Enterprise to learn more.

New Connectors released by Independent Publishers include:

Interested in submitting an Independent Publisher connector? Visit our documentation and our GitHub repository to learn how to get started.

Calendarific by Andras Fordos

Calendarific is a developer-friendly, worldwide service giving you access to public, local & bank holidays and observances; and spanning over 230 countries, 3,300+ states and 100+ languages.

View this connector in GitHub.

Leap-Ai by Chandra Sekhar

LeapAi image recognition service.

View this connector in GitHub.

MessageBird SMS  by Troy Taylor

Messagebird’s SMS service allows you to send and receive SMS messages to and from any country in the world.

View this connector in GitHub.

Microsoft Partner Center by Oleksii Skirko, Innoware Ukraine LLC

This connector allows you to connect to MPC API and collect some information including customer details, orders and subscriptions.

View this connector in GitHub.

Monster API  by Troy Taylor

With Monster API, you can effortlessly access powerful generative AI models such as Stable Diffusion for text to image and image to image.

View this connector in GitHub.

ScreenshotOne by Troy Taylor

ScreenshotOne is a scalable and straightforward screenshot service to cover all your needs by making screenshots. It converts any given URL or HTML to PNG, PDF, etc.

View this connector in GitHub.

SolarEdge by Richard Wierenga

The SolarEdge connector gives you the opportunity to display system data in other applications.

View this connector in GitHub.

Threads by Troy Taylor

Threads is a Slack replacement designed for makers. Threads provide a simple, focused canvas for sharing your work and getting rich feedback in return.

View this connector in GitHub.

io by Troy Taylor

Improve operational efficiency with the world’s leading enterprise-grade weather service. Use our hyper-accurate weather data for endless use cases across all industries.

View this connector in GitHub.

dev  by Troy Taylor

Create a short, temporary, self-destructing link to a website or message.

View this connector in GitHub.

WhatIsMyBrowser by Troy Taylor

The service provides an easy way for your website or system to get detailed information about the technology that your visitors are using to browse your website. There are lots of uses for it, but some of the most popular ones include using this information to personalize the content and advertising on your site for each visitor, help identify “strange” or risky activity on your site, and to gather general demographic information about the visitors to your site.

View this connector in GitHub.

io by Troys Taylor

APlace is a service that allows you to simply integrate powerful geolocation tools into your application, including address autocomplete and reverse geocoding.

View this connector in GitHub

ApyHub by Troys Taylor

ApyHub is the a service utility belt that helps developers save time and boost efficiency. Included are actions for archiving and unarchive files.

View this connector in GitHub.

Daffy by Troys Taylor

Daffy is a not-for-profit community of members who have the commitment to put money aside for those less fortunate than themselves. Find organizations and causes you care about and recommend donations to over 1.5 million charities in the US.

View this connector in GitHub.

Dandelion by Troys Taylor

Dandelion is semantic text analytics as a service. They provide actions for entity extraction, sentiment analysis, keyword extraction, semantic similarity, and Wikisearch results.

View this connector in GitHub.

Fun Translations by Troy Taylor

Have some fun with our language translations.

View this connector in GitHub.

Hashtag API by Troy Taylor

The Hashtag Generator service allows you to generate relevant hashtags for your content based on a given keyword or image.

View this connector in GitHub.

Pixela by Troy Taylor

Pixela is the pixelation service. With this service, you can get a GitHub-like graph that expresses the degree of your various activities on a basis with a vivid gradation.

View this connector in GitHub.

Supportivekoala by Troy Taylor

Supportivekoala allows you to autogenerate images using templates.

View this connector in GitHub.

BKK Futar by Andras Fordos

Get and search planned and real-time information from the BKK FUTAR system – public transportation of Budapest – regarding journeys, vehicles, stops and many more!

View this connector in GitHub.

IP2LOCATION  by Andras Fordos

IP2Location returns geolocation information like country, region, city, latitude & longitude, ZIP code, time zone, ASN, ISP and so on for an IP.

View this connector in GitHub.

IP2WHOIS by Andras Fordos

Obtain domain information and WHOIS record by using a domain name, such as creation date, updated date, expiration date, etc.

View this connector in GitHub.

Sunrise-Sunset by Andras Fordos

Sunrise-Sunset provides sunset and sunrise times for a given latitude and longitude, including twilight informations. Attribution required.

View this connector in GitHub.

Updown by Andras Fordos

Updown is an online service that checks your website’s status by periodically sending an HTTP request to the URL of your choice. It then notifies you by email, sms or even a webhook, when your website is not responding correctly.

View this connector in GitHub.

Wayback Machine by Andras Fordos

The Wayback Machine is a digital archive of the World Wide Web and it allows the user to go \”back in time\” and see how websites looked in the past.

View this connector in GitHub.

Airlabs by Andras Fordos

Airlabs collects extensive real-time aviation and flight data from thousands of sources to cleanse, aggregate and organize it into comprehensive collections.

View this connector in GitHub.

Anthropic by Troy Taylor

Claude is a large language model (LLM) built by Anthropic. It’s trained to be a helpful assistant in a conversational tone.

View this connector in GitHub.

Mailinator by Troy Taylor

The Mailinator service provides programmatic access to the Mailinator system. This includes fetching and injecting messages into the Mailinator system and creating routing rules for specific message domains within the system.

View this connector in GitHub.

Mime Automation by Andreas Cieslik

Mime Automation provides a way to extract data from a TNEF (winmail.dat) encoded file

View this connector in GitHub.

Reflect by Troy Taylor

Reflect is a beautiful note-taking tool designed to help you think. Mirror the way your mind works by associating notes through backlinks. Reflect builds you a second brain that you can reference anytime.

View this connector in GitHub.

Kroki by Troy Taylor

Kroki provides a service to create diagrams from textual descriptions.

View this connector in GitHub.

Abbreviations by Troy Taylor

The Abbreviations service from STANDS4 enables you to get classified acronyms and abbreviations content for a given term.

View this connector in GitHub.

ai by Troy Taylor

Meet your brainstorming buddy, blank page remover, research assistant, and expert copywriter: Chat by Use our generative AI platform to work faster, smarter, and anything but harder.

View this connector in GitHub.

Diffchecker by Andras Fordos

Diffchecker will compare your inputs to find the difference between two text files, images, PDFs and many other.

View this connector in GitHub.

Feathery by Troy Taylor

Feathery is transforming the way user interfaces for collecting information are built. We help users build customizable and developer-friendly forms.

View this connector in GitHub.

Hash Generator by Troy Taylor

This hash generator allows you to generate hashes from your input string. You can choose between SHA1, SHA256, SHA512 and MD5.

View this connector in GitHub.

Letterdrop by Troy Taylor

Letterdrop is the only SEO tool that optimizes for people-first content. Beyond SEO, it’s actually a complete content marketing suite designed to help you go from idea to publish as quickly as possible while following best practices. This includes project management, social distribution, and repurposing content.

View this connector in GitHub.

LoginLlama by Troy Taylor

LoginLlama adds an extra layer of customer security without the extra work. LoginLlama uses a number of ranking factors to decide if a login is deemed suspicious. We determine a score for each login based on how ‘suspicious’ it is. We then use Bollinger Bands to determine if the login is suspicious or not.

View this connector in GitHub.

NameAPI by Andras Fordos

NameAPI is a web API to handle people’s names in your software.

View this connector in GitHub.

Pinecone by Troy Taylor

Pinecone makes it easy to provide long-term memory for high-performance AI applications. Pinecone is a managed, cloud-native vector database with no infrastructure hassles. Pinecone serves fresh, filtered query results with low latency at the scale of billions of vectors.

View this connector in GitHub.

PixelMe by Troy Taylor

PixelMe links allow you to track customers across platforms and increase the likelihood of turning clicks into conversions. Deep links direct users straight to a particular website or app page, eliminating the need for them to navigate or re-enter billing details. PixelMe\u2019s deep links open directly in the Amazon app, allowing you to drive customers directly to the Amazon app for better UX, enhanced retention, and higher likelihood of conversion.

View this connector in GitHub.

TLDR by Troy Taylor

TLDR helps you summarize any piece of text into concise, easy to digest content so you can free yourself from information overload. Summarize any URL or text using state-of-the-art abstractive and extractive summarization models.

View this connector in GitHub.

vatcheckapi by Andras Fordos

vatcheckapi is a free and easy-to-use VAT lookup & validation service.

View this connector in GitHub.

VoiceRSS by Andras Fordos

Voice RSS Text-to-Speech (TTS) allows conversion of textual content to speech easier than ever.

View this connector in GitHub.

Learn more about Power Platform Connectors at the following links: