Easier navigation across Power Platform and Environments

As Power Platform has grown in functionality, customers frequently navigate between capabilities across the Platform for building automations, applications, chatbots, pages, and more. We are also seeing customers benefit from the Environments within Power Platform, that gives them roles-based isolation to scale with confidence. Based on your feedback, we’ve made it easier than ever to navigate with a simplified left navigation pane and a more informative environment selection experience. 

New Left Navigation Now Simplified and Customizable

You can now customize your experience by discovering a list of features available to you in Power Automate, reordering and unpinning items based on your needs, and so much more. 

What are the benefits of these new changes?

With this new interface, makers can:

  1. Easily pin/unpin most-used items
  2. Reorder items to fully customize the experience
  3. Open items in a new tab or Learn more about a particular item
  4. Discover and manage all the features offered
  5. Seamlessly navigate to other Power Platform product portals

Left Navigation showing quick access to all features in Power Automate within the More menu or Discover page.
Left Navigation showing quick access to all features in Power Automate within the More menu or Discover page.

Power Platform

From the left navigation pane, click Power Platform for easy access to other Power Platform products such as Power Platform Admin Center, Power Apps, and Power Pages.

Left navigation showing quick access to all Power Platform products
Left navigation showing quick access to all Power Platform products

To learn more about the left navigation, see the documentation.

Finding an Environment is Now Faster and Easier

In the updated Environment picker, makers can now more easily find the appropriate environment, and identify environments where they have sufficient maker and data permissions. This enables them to smoothly select the environments where they can build flows successfully. 

Grouping of environments

The environments are separated into two groups in the enhanced environment picking experience: Build flows and Other environments. Environments shown under the Build flows group are environments with maker permissions, while Other environments are non-maker environments where they might have run-only permissions. 

Home page showing Environment Picker grouping

Home page showing Environment Picker grouping

Filtering and searching environments

In addition to searching, new filtering capabilities have been added to the enhanced environment picking experience. Makers can now filter the list of environments by Your role, Data platform, and Environment type.

Environment Picker showing new filters
Environment Picker showing new filters

The Your role filter determines what role and level of permissions makers have in each environment. For example, if a maker has Maker with data access role in an environment, they will be able to build flows in that environment without any issue. Maker without full data access means they do not have full access to the database in that they cannot create or delete tables.

Besides filtering by roles, makers can also filter by Data platform and Environment type. Data platform designates whether or not the environment has been provisioned with Dataverse, while Environment type indicates the purpose of the environment and determines its characteristics.

To learn more about environments in general, see the documentation.

This update is a direct result of your feedback. We look forward to your questions and feedback about these updated features in the Power Automate Community.

Happy Automating!