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Power Automate Process Mining

Maximise process insights and efficiency

Optimise operations and uncover opportunities for automation with the process and task mining add-on in Power Automate.

Powerful process insights and efficiency

Blueprints for low-code apps and automation help you turn your processes into a competitive advantage.

  • Built-in templates
  • End-to-end process analysis
  • Reports relevant to your business
  • Rework detector
  • AI-powered root-cause analysis
  • Complete process transparency
  • Your process analytics in Power BI
  • Power BI report sharing
  • KPI triggers based on actions

Power Automate Process Mining at a glance

Better understand how your organisation works and find new ways to drive efficiencies using process and task mining.

Process mining

Discover inefficiencies across your organisation.

  • Connect, transform, and upload data from a wide variety of sources.

  • Visualise a process map and gain insights from data.

  • Better understand complex business processes and share insights across your organisation.

Task mining

Capture and analyse desktop activity.

  • Resolve processes and gain insights with automatically generated grouping.

  • Visualise a process map to analyse actions and get insights.

  • Use these insights and guided recommendations to begin automating.

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