Automate all the work in windows 11

Automate in Windows 11

Boost productivity with desktop automation

Get more done by automating daily tasks across your desktop applications with Power Automate—included in Windows 11 for users with a Microsoft account.

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Bring more productivity to your desktop. And your day.

Save more time

Simplify and streamline the routine tasks you perform every day, including reporting, data entry, and scheduling.

Automate processes

Easily connect and automate your activities in the apps you use most in Windows 11.

Start quickly

Begin automating with process guidance and drag-and-drop functionality—no training necessary. And it’s ready to go in Windows 11.

Explore what Power Automate brings to Windows 11

Automate large-scale processes

Instead of manually copying and pasting customer details from desktop sources in your customer relationship management (CRM) tools, create a desktop flow with Power Automate—automatically creating entries for you.

Automate the exporting of your data to another file location

Manage and export data

Automate the exporting of your data to another file location, such as moving it from SharePoint to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Streamline reoccurring reporting

Autogenerate weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports based on your requirements by automatically consolidating data across multiple Windows 11 sources—including Excel files, PDFs, and databases.

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