Get Quality Process Insights by Sharing Analytics and Inviting Tenant Users

We are pleased to announce the ability to share data-based processes with others via a viewer role. We have seen many people try out our process mining capabilities and be amazed by dense event log data transform into visual process maps and analytics. Users had wanted to share the learnings with others, often to make better decisions, and now they can!  The viewer role grants the invited user read access to the process analytics and the ability to invite others with the viewer role. This feature empowers process owners to share process insights with anyone who would benefit, such as teammates, analysts, managers, etc. Learn more about sharing process mining processes.

Sharing panel with viewer role.

The process owner and system admins have the ability to remove viewer users from the process at any time.

Another pain point we heard is that many users feel friction from having to manually add other users to an environment before being able to share a process with them. Now, when a Process advisor user searches for a person in the share panel, they can search for any user in the tenant. If that person does not exist in the environment, sharing the process will automatically add the user to the environment, assign the Process Advisor User security role, and send an email notification. The security role only grants access to Process advisor tables, so if the user who has been invited to the environment wants to perform other actions in the Power Automate environment, they may still need to request a security role (e.g. Environment Maker) with the relevant permissions. Learn more about process advisor security roles.

Please feel free to share feedback at the Power Automate Community Forum. 

Starting your process-optimization journey has never been easier, and we would love for you to try out process advisor!