Hyperautomation special video series for SAP based integration and automation with Power Automate

In October last year, we’ve published a dedicated RPA playbook for SAP GUI based automation with Power Automate that outlines the different RPA based automation options for SAP GUI in Power Automate.

Today we’re excited to announce the first hyperautomation special video series, which has been designed for fusion teams of IT Pros, Professional and Citizen Automation Developers, who want to learn more about the different SAP integration and automation options available in Power Automate and the broader Power Platform.

The series includes nine episodes that introduces you to several no-code, low-code, and pro-code hyperautomation development techniques, leveraging Power Automate, Process advisor, Power Virtual Agents, Power Apps, Microsoft Dataverse and Microsoft Teams.

Episode highlights

Episode 1: Introduction to SAP automation in Power Automate
In the first episode, we’ll introduce you to the overall Power Platform and the different SAP integration & automation options available in Power Automate.
Episode 2: Uncover process automation opportunities with Process Advisor
In the second episode, we’ll use Process advisor’s process mining features, to identify process bottlenecks of a fictitious purchase requisition process. The outcome of this analysis will be used to improve the process and to apply automation with the help of Power Automate.
Episode 3: Building SAP automations with the SAP ERP Connector
In the third episode, we’ll build an SAP-connected on-hand inventory lookup chatbot, using Power Virtual Agents, Power Automate and the out-of-the box SAP ERP Connector. In less than 15 minutes you’ll have a fully functionality chatbot which is published to Microsoft Teams, making it available 24/7 through the Microsoft Teams mobiles app.
Episode 4: Building Custom Connectors for SAP OData Endpoints
In the fourth episode, we’ll build a Custom Connector from scratch that connects to OData endpoints on the SAP ES5 demo system. We then use the Custom Connector in our low-code purchase requisition Power App.
Episode 5: Introduction to SAP GUI based RPA in Power Automate Desktop
In the fifth episode, we’ll discuss the different SAP GUI RPA options in Power Automate Desktop which can range from no-code to pro-code techniques. In the following three episode we will see detailed walkthroughs of each approach.
Episode 6: No-Code RPA with SAP GUI in Power Automate Desktop
In episode six, we’ll show you how build an SAP GUI automation flow using pure no-code techniques. The use case is aligned to the no-code option you’ll find in the RPA Playbook for SAP GUI automation.


Episode 7: Low-code RPA with SAP GUI in Power Automate Desktop
In episode seven, we’ll show you how to build an SAP GUI automation desktop flow using no-code and low-code techniques. You will learn how to apply custom UI selectors and use regular expressions to extract dynamic data from a string.
Episode 8: Pro-Code RPA with SAP GUI in Power Automate Desktop
In episode eight, we’ll show you how to use SAP’s own recording engine and use its scripting output to playback the automation from Power Automate Desktop. We’ll used pro-code selector techniques for SAP GUI element identification and leveraging regular expressions to extract number from a string.
Episode 9: Web UI-based RPA with SAP Fiori and Power Automate Desktop
In the ninth and last episode, we’ll showcase Web automation techniques that can be used to automate SAP Fiori based applications in Power Automate Desktop. This will cover advanced Web automation techniques to support dynamic selectors of the SAPUI5 (SAP User Interface for HTML5) user interface.

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Start watching the full series today and download the latest RPA playbook for SAP GUI based automation with Power Automate to learn more.

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