Beginner | Flow of The Week: Warehouse Delivery Notification

Hello Flow Community!

This week for the Flow of The Week I want to share one with you that came from an App in a day training we had in Las Vegas before the Ready conference. In that demo i showed how a Flic physical button could be used to alert Warehouse team members when a delivery arrived. This way no one is waiting around, wasting hours and everyone is alerted in a moments notice when its time to unload the truck.

Lets jump right in.

The first thing we need to do is open and click on "My Flows"

Next Click "+ Create From Blank"

From here the first thing we need to do is choose "Flic – When a Flic is pressed" as our trigger and select "click" as the event

Lets add an additional action now to send an email when the button is pressed. Choose "Office 365 Outlook" and the "Send an email" action.

This was the entirety of the demo that i presented at the Microsoft Ready pre-session, but i have gotten more questions about this Flow than any other I have presented previously.

For the purpose of this post, lets go ahead and add in a couple more actions to make the use-case even a bit more compelling.

Lets add another action, and choose "SharePoint" and then "Update item" – This way we can update a SP List daily with the times that the driver arrives so the company can track delivery timings and efficincies. Add the proper updates to the proper fields as shown below to make the magic happen.

And Finally, Lets add an action that sends a text message to the manager to let him know that the delivery has arrived and the team is aware!

Add another Action and select "Twilio" and "Send a Text (SMS)"  Fill in the Bosses cell number as well as the message he should be texted, and then click "Create Flow"

Voila, in just moments we have created a tram notification system of delivery arrival, as well as alerting the boss to the fact that the team has acknowledged the delivery and is unloading it all the while updating a SharePoint list to keep an audit trail of the actions.

I hope you enjoyed this Flow of The Week, feel free to ask questions or leave comments down below or in the Community – If you have a Flow that you think is worthy of Flow of the Week, please email me at and show it to me!