Eight New Connectors Released in November 2020!

Welcome to the monthly installment of connector releases in Power Automate! November was another great month for connector launches, bringing eight new connectors to the platform that cover a wide range of industries, from communications, security, and more. Keep reading on to learn more about what these connectors can bring to the table.


“The COSMO Bot is a digital assistant that can be reached via many different communication channels such as web chat, Microsoft Yammer, Microsoft Teams, or just by e-mail. If you ask him a question, he will provide the best fitting answer. He will check whether a similar question-answer pair already exists in his own database, and if not, the question is forwarded to an expert. The expert’s answer is then forwarded and will be saved together with the initial question as a QnA set. This ensures that your team answers each question only once. The COSMO Bot connector enables you to integrate your ticket system or helps you with managing the question-answer sets you have.” – Jens Kock, Business Development Manager, Cosmo Consult GmbH

Visit the COSMO Bot documentation to learn more.

Dokobit Portal

“The Dokobit Portal connector allows companies to automate electronic signature collection processes by setting up custom document workflows without having to do it manually each time. With this connector you can easily manage document sharing, sequence of signers, and document download straight from your information system. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about user interface or messages to signing parties, as Dokobit has done it for you! Invited participants get an invitation email and sign received documents using the online UI of the Dokobit Portal platform.” – Gintas Balčiūnas, CEO, Dokobit

Visit the Dokobit Portal documentation to learn more.

Huddle for US Gov & Healthcare

“Huddle allows organizations to securely collaborate and manage their work with external clients, partners, and with remote teams. For Government organizations, this includes the ability to work across Federal Agencies using a FedRAMP approved solution. Built upon the standard Huddle connector, with the Huddle for US Gov & Healthcare connector, users can supercharge their productivity by automating Huddle workflows and by integrating Huddle with a range of enterprise apps, including Slack, Microsoft Teams and DocuSign.” – Anand Lanka, Product Manager, Huddle

Visit the Huddle for US Gov & Healthcare documentation to learn more.

IN-D Insurance

“IN-D Insurance helps insurance companies go document-free by extracting all financial and non-financial information across documents, matching invoices, and coding Discharge Summary (ICD10 Coding) and Prescriptions (CPT Coding). Companies can avoid keeping dropdowns to eliminate erroneous queuing by automatically sorting documents and classifying them based on Provider Type and Document Type, even from a bulk upload, reducing the costs and delays in Health Insurance Claims processing.” – Rahul Chandra, CBO, IN-D by Intain

Visit the IN-D Insurance documentation to learn more.


“The Panviva connector offers you endless ways to optimise your knowledge and get more out of what you already have. Some customers have chosen to use the connectors as customised governance gates ensuring procedures and processes are upheld, whilst other customers mine and gather information required to optimise bot interactions. Whether you are a developer or simply trying to improve processes or communications in your business, Panviva and the Power Platform operate seamlessly to help you achieve more.” – Rohit Lakhanpal, Head of Innovation, Panviva

Visit the Panviva documentation to learn more. 

ReversingLabs Intelligence

“ReversingLabs Titanium Platform provides broad integration support with more than 4,000 unique file and object formats, speeds detection of malicious objects through automated static analysis, and prioritizes the highest risks quickly. With the ReversingLabs Intelligence connector, you can now leverage the power of over 10 billion file hashes to help identify malicious content. We deliver transparency and trust, leveraging thousands of ‘human readable’ indicators to explain why a classification and threat verdict was determined.” – Craig Whetstone, VP Business Development, ReversingLabs

Visit the ReversingLabs Intelligence documentation to learn more.


“Sms77io offers professional business solutions for SMS and its diverse accompanying products, such as HLR lookups and text-to-speech messages. With this connector you will be able to use various features to elevate your marketing, send appointment reminders, automate alarms or create your very own useful scenario. Reach all of your recipients with ease, reliably and fast.” – Jana Limbers, Content Manager, sms77io

Visit the sms77io documentation to learn more.


“Yeeflow is a no-code business application platform that empowers work efficiency through creation of enterprise-class applications that run on multiple devices, from mobile, tablet, and PCs. You can create unlimited business applications on your own, without any prior coding experience or IT expertise. With the Yeeflow connector, you can automate and extend the capabilities of your Yeeflow apps and integrate with third party systems by leveraging Power Automate.” – Hugo Shi, Marketing Director, Akmii

Visit the Yeeflow documentation to learn more.