Power Platform custom security role for Power Automate for desktop (RPA): The guide for admins

We’ve crafted a post showing how to customize security roles for Power Automate for desktop (RPA) and create a custom security role with minimum privileges to monitor production runs. Our post is filled with invaluable tips and tricks for keeping your data safe and protecting your company. So, whether you’re new to Power Automate for desktop or a seasoned pro, this is the ultimate guide for any administrator prioritizing data safety. Let’s get started!

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Automate smarter than ever before with AI Builder and Copilot in Power Automate

In October of 2022 we released the Describe it to design it feature where you can write a simple sentence and get a flow based on this description. Today, we have two announcements on how we’re bringing more intelligence throughout the Power Platform and Power Automate specifically: Copilot in Power Automate and create text with GPT in Power Automate—on the Desktop too!

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More manageable cloud flows with Dataverse solutions by default

Administrators can take advantage of a new environment setting that ensures that all new cloud flows will be created in Dataverse solutions. This increases manageability and allows those cloud flows to take advantage of Dataverse-specific capabilities like connection references, environment variables, the Dataverse API, and solution-based application lifecycle management (ALM).

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