Power Automate at Build Developer Virtual Conference, 2020

We hope everyone is well as we continue pushing forward during these challenging times. On Tuesday, May 19th, Microsoft will be virtually broadcasting its annual Build Developer Conference. Hopefully you had the chance to register, but if not, there is still ample time. The Power Platform will have several sessions including one for Power Automate. Many users of Power Automate enjoy the flexibility and ease its low-code foundation offers. At Build, we’re going to focus on the synergy Power Automate offers between low code developers and pro developers. Power Automate, along with the Power Platform helps elevate the incredible work of pro developers who design custom code, APIs, and connectors which can then be leveraged by end users to create solutions which enable business to thrive. In our session, we’ll focus on the Power Automate attributes which support pro developers and demonstrate examples showcasing how sophisticated processes can be automated efficiently and accurately by combining the skills of pro developers and citizen developers (figure 1). Power Automate’s unique ability to join the strengths of all you organization’s developers helps it push the boundaries of automation by being one of the first platforms to support hyperautomation.


Figure 1.  Power Platform enables pro devs and citizen devs to combine their skills to create impactful business solutions


This year, the digital Build Conference will be aired live across three time zones, enabling our global audience to choose the time zone most convenient for them. Here is select list of Power Platform and Power Automate sessions at Build and the corresponding time zone. Each session is 30mins.


Table 1.  Selected Build Session Schedule (for full schedule, check out the Build website)

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