New Mail service and See all your activity in the Flow portal

This week there are four topics we would like to cover for improvements to Microsoft Flow:

New Mail service

You can now send emails directly from Microsoft Flow, without needing to connect to your personal or work email accounts inside of Microsoft Flow. This means if you currently use Gmail or another email service you can now use Microsoft Flow to get emails delivered right to your inbox.

Email templates

This opens a lot of possibilities since many services accept emails as a way to input data. For example, check out this week's Flow of the Week where you can automatically send documents to your Kindle. Another customer story we've heard about was using a flow to open tickets in Zendesk automatically.

Notifications in the portal

Sometimes your connections may break. The most common reason is if you chance your password for the connecting service, you'll need to update your connection in Microsoft Flow. Now, you'll see Notifications at the top of the portal whenever something is broken with your flows.


From here you can immediately fix a broken connection (and see how many flows are impacted). You can also see other flows that have failed today for any reason (if you delete a folder, for example).

All Activity in the portal

You can now see activity across all of your flows. Want to see how many times each of your flows have run? You can now see that by clicking the new Activity tab in the flow website. This new Activity view will show you the number of times each flow has run, the last time that it ran, and, like the Notifications, if and when something has failed.

Activity in the portal

Performance improvements

Finally, we have received some feedback that the flow website can be a bit sluggish. We are working to improve the speed of all aspects of the experience. We have a number of improvements out this week, and will continue improving performance in the coming weeks.

We hope that you find these new features useful, and let us know what more we can do over on the community forum.