Collaborative comments in Power Automate

Last month at Ignite, we announced a set of collaboration capabilities across Power Platform. Today, we are excited to announce even more features within commenting on Power Automate. Now, you can at-mention your co-workers in your comments  and have others receive email notifications when you do so.

As multiple users work on automating a business process, these capabilities will be critical in helping makers collaborate seamlessly and efficiently. We believe that these would result in helping build complex automations faster

Users can add comments by selecting ‘…’ within each action card or by simply clicking on the comments pane from the top.

Within the comment pane, one can simply @mention a colleague to invite them to help with a problem.

Upon posting those comments, if the flow is not already shared with your colleague, you will be prompted with a ‘Share and notify’ option that would not only share the flow but also send an email notification.

The other user can click on the comment link within the email to directly navigate to the comment within the flow.

Users can added threaded replies to comments within the flow.  The number of comment threads in an action or trigger are denoted by indicator within the action card. As users work through finishing their flow, they can resolve and delete comments and comment threads.

Moreover, recently launched co-presence feature provide users with a visual indicator of other makers who are currently editing the flow, and provide ways to minimize conflicts.

We hope you find these features useful. You can learn more about the feature here. Please do not forget to share any feedback at the Power Automate Community Forum