Top five solutions from August’s Community AMA

At the end of August, the Microsoft Flow Team hosted its second Ask Microsoft Anything community event — and it was a huge success! During the Q&A hour, the Flow Team answered over 100 questions asked by our community members. The AMA discussion produced over 20 solutions written by members of the Flow Team.

To celebrate, we've shared the top five solutions below. To view more solutions, check out the AMA discussion board in the Microsoft Flow Community. Missed the event? Keep an eye out for the next AMA event and get your answer live!


Top Five AMA Questions and Answers

  1. How do I use Flow on mobile devices?
    Hello there! You can download the mobile apps from here! – Senior Program Manager Jon Levesque

  2. Is there a possibility or plan to see information for who changed a flow when. Is there a possibility to have Team Flow?
    That feature is coming soon!  We're going to notify flow owners by email whenever someone else edits their flow. The emails are rate limited as well, so you won't get a bunch of emails if a user makes a few edits in a row. Showing the full edit history is on our radar as well. – Senior Software Engineer David Nissimoff

  3. How can I create a flow with RSS?
    You can use the RSS connector as a trigger, enter the RSS feed URL, then add the email connector to send an email. Here are templates that are very similar to the scenario you want to automate: Get new articles from "The Verge" in my email inbox  or  Get a push notification with updates from the Flow blogSoftware Engineer Melinda Lim

  4. How to notify me in Outlook when a student completes a quiz? Any plans to allow Flow to be used multiple times as long as the parameter is selected?
    It's a single flow per quiz. One thing you can do is do a "Save As" of a flow and duplicate it. Once it's been duplicated, you can apply it to different quizzes. – Senior Program Manager Merwan Hade

  5. Is it possible to create custom flags in my mailbox and get the flow to populate a task or update a current task based on my custom flag?
    Yes, you can use flow to do a number of operations in Planner. See this documentation here: With great sample templates here: The very scenario you mentioned is listed in the templates. I am going to give the scenario you suggest above (with CUSTOM flag triggers) a quick try and post back here. – Senior Program Manager Audrie Gordon