January 2023 update of Power Automate for desktop

We are happy to announce that the January 2023 update of Power Automate for desktop (version 2.28) has been released! You can download the latest release here. New features and updates have been added, as described below.

Power Automate now performs a certificate check during login

Power Automate for desktop now checks if there is a valid certificate on the machine to allow the user to sign in. Users cannot sign in without a valid certificate. Admins can disable the certificate check through a registry entry as described here.

Update: This feature has been rolled back from this version.

Error screenshots can now be prevented from being captured

Admins can now use a registry entry to prevent Power Automate for desktop from capturing a screenshot for the action logs in the web portal, when an error occurs during a local-attended, attended or unattended flow run.

More SharePoint connector actions are now available in Power Automate for desktop

More SharePoint connector actions are now available to be used (in preview) in Power Automate for desktop, in addition to the existing ones:

  • Create sharing link for a file or folder
  • Copy file
  • Move file
  • Copy folder
  • Move folder
  • Check out file
  • Discard check out
  • Check in file
  • Get list views

SharePoint actions

Captured UI elements will now be more efficient

Default web selectors have been adapted to ignore the element’s Class, Type and Value attributes, but include the newly added Text attribute, to increase the reliability of the captured UI elements.

Text-based selectors have now been introduced

Users now have the additional option to manually capture a UI element, using a selector that takes into account its text value (Name attribute’s value for desktop elements, Text attribute’s value for web elements), by right-clicking on it. They can also configure this text-based selector during capturing, so that it uses the proper operator (e.g., is equal to, contains, etc.) and/or even a variable instead of a hardcoded value.

Text-based selectors

Hoping that you will find the above updates useful, please feel free to provide your questions and feedback in the Power Automate Community. If you want to learn more about Power Automate Desktop, get started with the below resources: